Senior Photography

* We offer both digital image packages on CD for those who are looking for the ultimate flexibility with their images, as well as traditional printed portrait packages for those who prefer to have the printing service completed for them.

* We provide either an in-studio or outdoor on-location session, or a combination of both!  We bring the studio to you. Lights, backgrounds... right to your home. For on-location sessions, we can visit any local Orlando area, go to beach for additional variety, or a specific location that has special meaning for you.

* Our sessions are never rushed, and can last from 1-3 hours depending on the type of session selected.

* Bring  friends and make it a senior session party!

* Cap & Gown, traditional, black  and white.....

* No matter what you choose, the overall experience will be fun, relaxed, and laid-back.

* We believe that the senior portrait session is a process where we work with you to create images that really reflect your personality. For us, the best way to do that is to take it easy, get to know you, and have a great time.
You are always welcomed and encouraged to bring a variety of outfits, accessories, or other important items that show who you are and what your life is about right now. We even have a pop up changing room!

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